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Happy Monday: post Mississippi edition
posted on Sep 12 2010

Weddings! They’re fun. You see old friends. You witness two people commit the rest of their lives to one another! And they’re oh-so-flipping exhausting. I’m exhausted (and, truth be told, I didn’t really even do that much).

  • A four-day weekend in Olive Branch, MS.
  • A Saturday ‘o college football at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends who flew in from Seattle.
  • The dance, y’all.
  • Wedding time, in the Mississippi sticks.
  • Mississippi customizable tags, for the win.
  • Southern Miss defeats the powerhouse of Prairie View A&M.
  • Our reentry to Seattle, flying past Mt Rainier…

    Jackson’s Best Wedding Photographer
    posted on Jul 29 2009

    I’m not telling you to vote for followell fotography, but you know.

    Vote here.

    Wedding Article in Emerald Coast Magazine
    posted on Jul 10 2009

    If you’re in the Gulf Coast region during the next few weeks, Emerald Coast Magazine Bridal Issue.

    [View Article PDF]

    Photos from the Wedding / Honeymoon
    posted on Nov 17 2008

    trivial pursuit dash white wedding bell tower silhouette re lax seaside mrs howell

    Photos from Our Wedding
    posted on Oct 27 2008

    The always incredible MC alum Robby Followell was the photographer at our wedding. Robby has posted a early teaser of the slew of photos to follow. 40 photos have been posted on Robby’s blog. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

    Not that he needs it, but Robby’s skills are highly endorsed by both myself as well as the Mrs.

    We’re Home
    posted on Oct 27 2008

    seaside sunset

    We’re back. Happy. Rested. Yet somehow, still exhausted.

    Each day was 72 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, wishes, support, love, and encouragement from those in attendance.

    Pre-Wedding Events

      It was back to old times with a night out on the town at Baytowne Wharf with many of the bridesmaids/groomsmen/honoraries.

      I rented a house in Watercolor and was joined by a handful of friends and their wives for 48 hours of early mornings and late nights with plenty of interesting happenings in between.

      The rehearsal dinner at Yanni’s Seagrove Grill was spectacular — the best grouper I’ve ever had. My college roommate Matt Weston even made time to pull from his file one of the most embarrassing collegiate stories concerning my past happenings.

    Wedding Day/Reception

      2Our wedding was at the Interfaith Chapel in Seaside with a beach side reception a Bud & Alley’s.

      Having many of you tell us to “relax” and “enjoy the day” Chelsea and I actually remember everything from the ceremony. My dad led the ceremony, the central theme of which was ‘grace.’

      We made it to the beach just in time to squeeze in some sunset shots, returning later for some night shots where we actually got shin-deep in the water, laying on the sand as well.

      Chelsea and I both agree that our favorite moment was when we returned from taking night shots on the beach and found everyone at the reception dancing, singing, eating and drinking. Our goal was to host a party that was intimate, fun-filled, and relaxing. We think that was accomplished.


      Chelsea and I opted to forgo any additional travel, staying in the newly developed Water Sound Beach development down the road from Seaside. Best decision we ever made. Every one of their staff members knew who we were and were quick to congratulate us on our marriage. The daily lunches and drinks were spectacular, and our room was architectural genius.

      madmadmadworldWe literally had the beach all to ourselves, seeing more fighter jets pass by than we did people. We spent our days at the Water Sound Beach Club. Wednesday, our beach chairs and umbrella were the only thing we could see on the beach in any direction.

      We both planned to spend our time cranking through newly purchased books… though we spent 98% of the time penning the wedding’s events into our journals.

      At nights and when it happened to rain we made our way through the first season of Mad Men, Season 1 — we’re both hooked.

    Thank You.
    posted on Oct 15 2008

    I proposed to Chelsea just 6 months ago — the big day is almost here.

    Our wedding is this Saturday in Seaside, Florida, and neither of us could be more excited for this, one of the most important days of our lives.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Over the past few months you have sent your congratulations, your wishes, your advice, and your gifts… all of which we appreciate more than you’ll ever know.

    Living in Seattle – 2,612 miles from home – has it’s perks. Not once have I regretted leaving home to embark on my journey of living in this city. However, being engaged has made it all the more difficult to be so far from friends and family. Chelsea and I look forward to this weekend, which we’ve limited to just that, friends and family. A weekend for us… ‘us’ being a group of people whom, if they lived in Seattle might prevent us from ever leaving.

    For those who read the blog everyday, I know I say this from time to time in a joking manner… but you really don’t understand how much fun it is to blog, knowing you’re reading. I love it when you comment, submit links, start fights with other commenters… though I must admit that my favorite part is when you tell me that the blog is your source of entertainment, release, or cheer in a day that might otherwise be bland or boring. Over the last three years (the blog turns 3 in 4 weeks) this website has attracted almost 200,000 visitors… most of whom I’ve never before met, yet that didn’t keep you from sending a email congratulating us on our upcoming wedding.

    That’s why I started the blog: to connect. I love writing and I quit my former news site in order to get back to writing about whatever I wanted to… whenever I wanted to.

    That being said, I won’t be blogging any next over the next 13 days during the pre-wedding and honeymoon. The site will be devoid of political banter, sending you on a honeymoon of sorts… a vacation from NObama (or McCainPalinthebutt, if you are of the liberal persuasion).

    Enjoy this time. We still have a few days of political commentary before the election, then we can look forward to four years over-analyzing President Obama and his failed attempts to run the country off of hope and hype.

    But then again… I could return from my honeymoon to an ‘October surprise’ video of Obama kicking a puppy.

    I will return to blogging Monday, October 27 with my wife Chelsea Howell. Hellsyeahthat’ssoundsawesome.

    posted on Oct 9 2008

    (With our wedding on the horizon) What was the best day of your life?

    posted on Sep 30 2008

    …days to go.

    MC Wedding
    posted on Sep 8 2008

    Just in case you were left out of the loop: former BSU director Christy Carley and former student/recruiter Michael Pritchard.

    Here are the photos from the talented Robby Followell.

    Wedding Map
    posted on Aug 26 2008

    Chelsea created this little map for reference points for those headed down to our wedding.

    57 Days…
    posted on Aug 22 2008

    Congratulations Joshua!
    posted on Aug 11 2008

    Blog reader and blogger himself, Josh Kyle got engaged over the weekend.

    Wedding Shower
    posted on Aug 6 2008

    Thank you again to all those who either played a part in hosting or attended the wedding shower Sunday at Jasper’s First Baptist Church. Chelsea and I stood, meeting folks in a line for 90 minutes… we didn’t speak to any one person for more than 20 seconds and even still we were barely able to speak to everyone who attended. We were blown away by the fact that you came… thank you so much.

    You all welcomed Chelsea and her family with open arms. However, having been a member of Jasper’s FBC for nearly 25 years now, that doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    For those who couldn’t make it, we appreciate your phone calls, texts, and emails. No need to apologize for missing out.

    Weekend Wedding
    posted on Jun 24 2008


    [Photo is from good ole Gambrell Ki-Ro Field — former home of the most feared punk blocker in North Alabama.. whoever he was.]

    I fly home to Jasper this Thursday afternoon to sing in the Saturday wedding of Kristy Beall [facebook] at Jasper’s FBC.

    The reception will be at the Country Club, and I hope I bump into a host of you folks there.

    130 Days…
    posted on Jun 10 2008


    We’re Engaged!
    posted on Apr 20 2008

    Landon Howell and Chelsea Dossett Engaged

    Just 51 weeks after I asked Chelsea to move to Seattle, I took her to the Pacific Coast and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me. She said ‘yes‘. I’ll let Chelsea tell you about it in her own words. Feel free to read more on The Knot.

    From Chelsea:

      Rain, Sleet, Snow and Sunshine. Landon had planned a surprise day trip for us and we set out early in the morning. After wearing him thin from begging for more details of our adventure, he finally caved, telling me where heading to the coast. We took the 101 towards Ruby Beach and discovered the amazing beauty this location held. However, I was content in viewing all this from the car…remember, sleet. He encouraged otherwise, so we set out towards the water.

      With my feet now soaked and my hands numb, Landon kept his cool while I continued to complain. Once he found ‘the’ location, he set up his camera for us to take a photo together. Freezing and not understanding why we needed this photo in this weather at this moment, I kept trying to persuade him to just take some photos so we could go back to the warm car.

      the questionOnce the camera was ready, he came near…and then dropped to his knee. It could have been hailing golf balls and all I know is that at that moment I could have cared less. He talked about the ‘horrible’ weather we were having at the moment but how he didn’t care, he talked about wanting to bring me to this spot since I first moved to the Pacific and eventually took the 101 to get to him…(I can’t remember the rest, but it was all perfectly sweet!).

      He presented me with our family bible that already had ‘The Howell Family’ engraved on the cover. It was incredibly sincere and we both soaked in the moment. Literally, we were soaked. After calling our parents, we continued down the coast and the sun began to shine.

    ring-n-bible the question post proposal ring bling "yes" mother-in-law

    Stuff White People Like
    posted on Mar 24 2008

    Some folks are getting all stuffy about this blog. I think it’s hilarious.

    90% of this stuff totally applies to me.

    Knight-Ash Wedding
    posted on Jan 30 2008

    When my dear friend David Ash (and by ‘dear friend’, I simply mean that I wanna be his pal when he’s elected governor of Mississippi) asked me a few months ago if I’d photograph his December wedding, I was a little taken back, because… well this photo crap is just for fun. I’ve never been paid a dime for any of my work that was published or recognized. Plus, photographing London at my leisure and documenting the most important day of someone life are two completely different things.

    Both David and Susannah were incredibly gracious. They wanted candid, fly-on-the-wall photos that were more of a photo journalism-esque take on the day without all the “hey guys – light the Unity Candle and turn towards me and smile” moments. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but.)

    Basically everything you see was them simply being themselves… no cheesy or posed, cliché photos. It was freakin’ fun.

    And while I took over 2,000 photos (yes, 2K – don’t know what I was thinking) I’ll spare your eyes the focus and my website the bandwidth through only posting a select few below.


    …continue reading

    Christmas Clips: Santa!!!!!
    posted on Dec 17 2007