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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener
posted on Jul 7 2008

Even the almighty workplace at Google isn’t perfect.

One dude has left the 1,000-resumes-a-day office of Google Seattle to go back to Microsoft, and he’s telling everyone about it on his blog.

5 Jobs with Surprisingly High Salaries
posted on May 30 2008

Very interesting…

Flight Attendants
Top 10% earn $102,660 a year
Average annual salary: $62,880

Farm, Ranch and Other Agricultural Managers
Top 10% earn $103,660 a year
Average annual salary: $61,030

Gaming Managers
Top 10% earn $106,220 a year
Average annual salary: $69,600

Air Traffic Controllers
Top 10% earn $141,860
Average annual salary: $107,780

Database Administrator
Top 10% earn $106,860 a year
Average annual salary: $70,260

Cube Farms
posted on May 28 2008

Tech’s top 10 workspaces.

My favorite.

Twittering Your Firing
posted on Feb 14 2008

twitter logFor those who don’t know what Twitter is:

    “Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send “updates” (or “tweets”; text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to the Twitter website…”

Anyway. A guy from yahoo! was canned yesterday, and he decided to Twitter the entire thing. It’s quite entertaining. Here’s a snippet…

    Y! layoffs today, I’m “impacted”. I’m heading into work to pack my desk, get my severance paperwork and hand in my badge…more to come. about 10 hours ago

    On the plus side, my commute just got a lot shorter. about 10 hours ago.

    Ironic that I just got my PC repaired yesterday. Won’t be needing that anymore. about 9 hours ago.

    Walking around saying good bye to some great people and good friends. about 9 hours ago

    Waiting for the call from HR so I can go pick up my paperwork….C’mon, c’mon! I’m busy here! Let’s get this over with. about 8 hours ago

    This is a serious downer. Trying to drown it in free lattes. Which I will miss. about 8 hours ago

posted on Feb 4 2008
  • If you work for FedEx, you better be at work today.

  • You Gotta Be S***ing Me
    posted on Oct 25 2007

    In one of the more classless posts on lh.com we reference the study released ealier this week which ties office profanity to office production.

    Reminds me of this video…

    Question of the Day: Summa Job
    posted on Jun 21 2007


      What was your favorite and/or least favorite summer job, ever?

    Question of the Day: The Office
    posted on Jun 12 2007


      Finish this sentence: “I couldn’t make it through my workday without ___________.”

    Question of the Day: I Feel Like A Squash
    posted on Jun 7 2007


      What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you at work.

    Not A Bad Day At Work
    posted on Jan 3 2007

    The Blue Angels are in town for Seafair. They practiced their routine over Lake Washington yesterday… which meant that we took a few hours minutes to break yesterday to stare out the window at this.

    You Crazy Kids & Your Dang Computer
    posted on Jul 27 2006

    When people ask me what I do all day I simply reply: “The same thing you do… surf the Internet all day long.”

    I’m only kidding – but I’m serious.

    According to a recent survey by Salary.com, turns out you guys and gals can’t get enough on the clicky-clicky when you should be dong important things like… umm… well let me flip the question on you: what exactly do you do all day long?

    Silly kids. Let’s hug.

    Top Time-Wasting Activities Admitted To By Employees:

    1. Surfing Internet (personal use) : 52.0%
    2. Socializing with co-workers : 26.3%
    3. Running errands off-premises : 7.6%
    4. Spacing out : 6.6%
    5. Making personal phone calls : 3.9%
    6. Arriving late / Leaving early : 2.9%
    7. Applying for other jobs : 0.7%

    My Life List
    posted on Feb 9 2006

    I was browsing the blog of Internet mogul Ted Leonsis, when I stumbled accross his 101 Life list (VERY interesting… take a look at it).

    Taking a page from Ted, I decided to compile a short-list of things I have done, and would like to do over the next 20 years. It’s actally quite fun… and puts some things into perspective as to what little time you have to do your life list.

    Have Done

      Go to college where I knew (almost) nobody
      Get a Bachelors Degree
      Get elected to the Student Government Executive Body
      Get a Masters Degree (technically complete)
      Make Dean’s List
      Receive mention by a national magazine
      Receive mention by a national newspaper
      Have my photography published
      Be threatened with a lawsuit because of works published
      Produce a online service
      Charities/Religious Work
      Be involved with 10 or more charities
      Work in the inner-city of a major metro-area
      Lead a Sunday School Class
      Serve in a worship choir, praise team, and musical group
      Produce a CD
      Get on broadcast television (4 times)
      Get on cable television
      Visit the Southern-Most Point in the United States
      Attend a Presidential Innaguration
      Spit-off the Empire State Building
      Go to Mardi Gras (twice)
      Backpack alone through Western Europe
      Stand on the grass at Yankee Stadium
      Snow ski a double-black diamond in Colorado

    Would Like To Do, Near Future

      Fall in love and get married
      Have a healthy son/daughter
      Build a house
      Write a book
      Start a company and sell it
      Have my own newspaper column
      Charities/Religious Work
      Found a children’s charity
      Provide full financial support for a foreign missionary
      Sing the National Anthem at a professional sporting event
      Own a lake house
      Own a ski boat
      Visit New York City during Chirstmastime
      See Coldplay in concert
      Go to China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand

    Would Like To Do, Not-So-Distant Future

      Charity/Religious Work
      Found a non-profit children’s summer camp
      Give one million dollars to a Christian cause
      Serve on the board of a major charity
      Found a “Howell Family” scholarship at Mississippi College
      Give one million dollars to Mississippi College
      Take care of mother/father
      Take care of in-laws
      Take care of extended family
      Have grandchildren (I have no control over this… obviously)
      Build a beach house
      Own a mountain home
      Get an honorary degree
      Serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Mississippi College
      Serve on board of directors of a major public college or university
      Have a collegiate building/memorial named after the Howell family
      Own a great piece of art
      Restore a piece of antique furniture
      Restore an antique auto
      Own a restaurant and/or bed & breakfast
      Support someone who makes a great breakthrough in science
      Drive across the country
      Visit all 50 States (37 so far)
      Net worth of ten million dollars, after taxes
      Become a partner in a venture capital fund
      Conduct an IPO on a company I founded
      Serve as Editor of a magazine/newspaper
      Pubish an original magazine/newspaper
      Continue to work and build business
      Be on cover of a magazine
      Retire at 55

    Bamassippi Media Group Revamped
    posted on Jan 29 2006

    As many (ok, maybe not “many”) of you know, I’ve run a little business by the name of Bamassippi Media Group for the last 7 years. For years we’ve built websites and provided e-commerce consultation. However, I’ve decided to refocus efforts into a field that even some ad agencies do not know enough about.

    We will still provide consultation for small business e-commerce and start-ups… it just won’t be the main focus.

    Today I announce the changes in our business:

    1. Businesses want to advertise on the net… but they don’t know where or how to do it.
    2. More than $3.9 billion will be spent on Internet advertising this year… most of it on the wrong websites and blogs.
    3. Bamassippi works with more than 10,000 websites and blogs to provide your company the most bang for their buck.

    It’s very simple… we help you maximize your online advertising budget. If you or your business needs consultation on the issue, feel free to contact me.

    Top Jobs for 2006
    posted on Jan 24 2006

    A list via Fast Company.

    Where is Living at Home and Waiting for a Passport?

    News Tid-Bits
    posted on Jan 21 2006
  • Alabama lawmakers consider ban on keg parties [AL.com]
  • ‘Black Jesus’ film to debut at the Sundance Film Festival [CNN.com]
  • Dead Man Rides Subway For 6 Hours Before Anyone Notices [ABC 7 Denver]

  • Find an Internet Connection Wherever You Are
    posted on Nov 16 2005

    After my post on wireless Internet on planes yesterday I recieved a couple of emails about other locations you can find an internet connection.

    WiFi Connections in Hotels

    WiFi Connections in Airports

    WiFi Connections in Cafes

    Tech Wireless Center from USA Today

    Surf While You Fly
    posted on Nov 15 2005

    If you’re like me, your work requires that you spend the overwhelming majority of your day on the computer.

    Reading emails, checking site statistics, reading headlines… the list goes on and on.

    One of the biggest concerns I have when I travel is when and where can I log onto the Internet.

    The New York Times gives us a list of airlines with internet access so that you can work (or waste time) at 35,000 feet.

    Airlines with wifi access:

  • Austrian Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • SAS
  • Etihad Airways
  • El Al
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Asiana Airlines
  • China Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Singapore
  • To Surf Web While Aloft, Fly Foreign (for Now) via Lifehacker