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A morning of dot-com bliss
Apr 4, 2011

Daxko was a partner at the CalSAE conference in Monterey, California. Nick (Daxko Connect’s product expert) and I spent Saturday morning driving around Silicon Valley on the hunt for some of our favorite dot-coms, Facebook and Google being the main interest.

Sweet Moses, it was perfect.

I’ve driven through Mountain View, Cupertino, Palo Alto, before, but that was long before the web fully took shape.

First, much looks just like any other town you’ve visited. Strip malls and office parks, all of which are unassuming until you see ‘Loopt’ or ‘LinkedIn’ on the side of the building.

Second, you drive past Facebook and never know you passed anything special. We did. Twice.

Third, you cannot drive past Google without knowing you passed anything special. There are signs of the Googleplex long before you reach the main building. ‘Google St’ for example is a not so subtle sign.

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