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Jasper author pens book. People will most likely not get past title.
posted on Jan 26 2010

Walker County man writes about boyhood adventures in debut book. Title? Growing Up with Skid Marks

Catchy title, but I don’t know if it’s going to have the desired effect he wants.

E-reader round up
posted on Jan 16 2010

A nice guide to ebook readers from Gizmodo,.

(No, I still haven’t picked one out yet.)

E-Reader follow-up
posted on Jan 13 2010

Following-up on our conversation from last week, some goodies were revealed at CES last week.

Skiff is still my love, the bloggers fell in love with Plastic Logic QUE proReader, and here’s a good rundown of the e-readers at CES in general.

E-Reader obsession
posted on Jan 6 2010

With Instapaper full-force in its support of e-readers, sitting around reading my saved articles on a glaring computer screen isn’t something I want to spend my nights doing anymore.

I want one. Now.

I left work early on Thursday (but who didn’t leave work early Thursday) in order to swing by BestBuy and Barnes & Noble to play with the Sony E-Reader and the Nook. The Nook feels incredible, but it didn’t get too high of a praise in the gadget world.

I read a lot of web articles, magazines, and PDFs (trade journals and older published works). Books? Not so much.

This is my new dream, unless the Apple unicorn tablet turns out to be for mobile computing what iPhone was for mobile technology.

Any of you who currently own (or are thinking about owning) one, comment below or shoot me an email with .

posted on Oct 28 2009

I got a list right now a mile long, but I’m thinking about bumping Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman to the front. Anyone read it yet?

Yes, Please.
posted on Oct 15 2009

The thought of e-readers has never tickled my fancy, but the leaked photos of the eBook from Barnes & Noble make me want to buy one right now.

Goodbye, Reading Rainbow
posted on Aug 28 2009

More from NPR.

posted on Aug 27 2009

“The best way to read is with book in lap, pen in hand, and pipe in teeth.”

– C.S. Lewis

Read ‘The Blind Side’ Book Before the Movie Ruins the Whole Experience
posted on Aug 5 2009

Props to TCA for bringing this video to my attention. This preview looks heartwarmingly terrible and predictable, as most previews for Thanksgivingtime movies usually are.

Get ready for 90 minutes of Ole Miss logos and terrible Southern accents.

Book List
posted on Jul 13 2009

A couple of new ones I have the best intentions of getting around to:

  • Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture
  • Poorly Made in China: An Insider’s Account of the Tactics Behind China’s Production Game