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Sales during a pandemic
posted on May 21 2020

The salespeople who will win during lockdown/quarantine are those with the most empathy.

Your prospective customers are stuck at home, working from home (most for the first time), many with children (who need quality time and attention), and all concerned with simply trying to stay caught-up in their responsibilities.

They are attempting to balance personal and professional responsibilities and stress during a pandemic and record unemployment.

“Circling back” to “see if you received my last email” isn’t empathy. Take an other-centered approach and throw out most of your old playbook and process.

The Nag Metric
posted on May 4 2020

I love the new metric proposed by Julie Zhuo: The Nag Metric

Also, if you are on a Marketing/Growth team or Product team I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter The Looking Glass.