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Mississippi College put up these fake but beautiful videos on their website. It makes me long for college once more.
posted on Jan 11 2012

Head to MC’s new website to see how the videos are used (yeah, I’m not happy that they removed the Clock Tower logo either… it’s at the bottom) and surf around the revamped site.

It’s pretty snazzy, y’all.

  • The Quad
  • Students just chillin
  • Business School
  • Jesus
  • The Kugel

  • Dana Holgorsen used to coach at Mississippi College. His thoughts on off-season work around campus?
    posted on Dec 22 2011

    Entering as a freshman in 1999, I barely missed being on campus with West Virginia’s current head coach Dana Holgorsen. I parked next to the stadium every day while I was an employee from 2003-2005, and would give a pretty penny to spot Dana pulling weeds next to my Pontiac Grand Am.

    Holgorsen had worked at Valdosta State for three years when Mississippi College called Mumme in 1996 and wanted to hire someone from his staff to help implement his Air Raid offense. Mumme recommended Holgorsen and told him to take the job, which was to coach quarterbacks, wide receivers and special teams.

    When Mumme became coach at Kentucky a year later, he again took Leach with him and wanted to hire Holgorsen but never did. When Leach left the Wildcats in 1999 to become offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, he too wanted Holgorsen to go with him but couldn’t work it out.

    While Mumme and Leach had hit the big time of college football, Holgorsen continued to toil in obscurity at Mississippi College and then at Wingate University, where he coached quarterbacks and wide receivers in 1999, another job for which Mumme had recommended him. At times, he wondered about his future, especially when he and the other football coaches at Mississippi College had to plant shrubs and flowers around campus during the summers.

    “That was bulls**t,” Holgorsen says. “I was pissed.”

    [story via FSN]
    [image via GIFUMILIATION]

    MC Table Tennis Team places 5th
    posted on Apr 26 2010

    MC Table Tennis Team Earns 5th Place at Nationals

    Mississippi College’s table tennis team wrapped up their third season on a high note with a 5th place finish in the national tournament in Wisconsin.

    During the three-day tournament near Milwaukee, MC defeated schools like the University of Southern California, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Baruch College (N.Y.) and Wisconsin.

    Steve Forbes at MC
    posted on Mar 30 2010

    A round up of articles from Steve Forbes’ visit to Mississippi College this week.

  • Steve Forbes Boosts Mississippi College Scholarships
  • Forbes likes Barbour’s chances
  • Forbes says government to blame for recession

  • The Mississippi College Fight Song
    posted on Mar 3 2010

    How many of you alumni would actually be able to pick this out of a lineup?

    Listen here: MP3 | Real Audio

    Steve Forbes at Mississippi College
    posted on Mar 2 2010

    The businessman and one time Presidential candidate will be speaking at the Mississippi College Spring Scholarship Banquet on March 29.

    You can buy tickets here.

    posted on Feb 25 2010

    Mississippi College ranked 4th in Division III 2009 football attendance.

    The bubble just burst
    posted on Feb 23 2010

    Yeah. This just happened:

    Mississippi College is looking into the arrests last week of three football players on felony drug charges, a school official said this afternoon.


    Autry is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Evans is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. And Willis is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

    MC street cred? Up.

    posted on Feb 23 2010

    The snow photos from Mississippi College are incredible.

    MC Wallpaper
    posted on Feb 16 2010

    Photog Robby Followell has some free computer wallpapers featuring two shots from snow-covered Mississippi College last week.