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posted on Feb 5 2009

The best cup of coffee?

Folgers, Maxwell House, and Starbucks are America’s best-selling ground coffees. But all three were iced by Eight O’Clock Colombian coffee in our taste tests. As for Starbucks, it didn’t even place among the top regular coffees and trailed among decafs.

Our tests of 19 coffees also show that some of the best cost the least. At about $6 per pound, Eight O’Clock costs less than half the price of Gloria Jean’s, Peet’s, and other more expensive brands.

For the Coffee Connoisseur
posted on Jan 24 2009

Stumptown Coffee

[Click image for larger view]

Our love for Stumptown Coffee in Seattle and Portland has been made known many times on the blog, though the best coffee joint on the West Coast never ceases to impress me.

1/2 lb bags of high-end coffee for $65, $85, and $95. Who says we’re in a recession?

Obama’s Inauguration Cost: $150-170 Million
posted on Jan 14 2009

You might remember that 4 years ago, the Democrats were outraged at the cost of George Bush’s second Innauguration. They demanaded that the money be spent on things the liberals deemed “more important.”

How interesting that in the midst of the greatest worldwide economic meltdown in 60 years, Obama is spending more than Bush’s 1st or 2nd innauguration, yet the Democrats, liberals, and media haven’t made a peep.

Bush in 2005: $40-70 Million
Obama in 2009: $150-170 Million

Ahhh, double standards.

Great ready, conservatives… we’ve got 4 (8) years of this type of behavior in front of us.

10 Winners of the Recession
posted on Dec 10 2008

Gawker made a list of the businesses reaping the benefits of the economic downturn.

Cash Ballers
posted on Dec 10 2008

How much are NBA teams actually worth?

    #1 New York Knicks $613MM

    #30 Milwaukee Bucks $278MM

What To Do With $30 Million
posted on Dec 8 2008

A fun little discussion is going on over at Republican blogger Michelle Malkin’s website: What should Obama do with his $30 million campaign surplus?

A few of my favorite responses…

    How about pay Washington DC for all the police, overtime, etc., that will e needed from his inauguration day festivities?


    Knowing that he raised $745 million and has $30 million left over only tells me one thing…

    Being elected President of the United States costs $715 million.


    1) pay back the $100,000+ given to him by Freddie and Fannie

    2) pay the over time to the Denver PD that is still owed

    3) Donate the rest to Joe The Plumber seeing as The One’s supporters were the ones who illegally searched his records.


    Buy his wife a bracelet?


    He should buy me a 4-year supply of the strongest alcohol he can find. I have a feeling it will come in handy.

posted on Dec 1 2008

The Obamas continue to prove they are just like you and me. Barack gave a Michelle a $30,000 ring to say “thanks” for her support during the Presidential election.

It’s nice to know that they’re just like us… the little people.

posted on Nov 17 2008

You know those emails about “your long lost relative died, leaving you a $20 million inheritance?” You know those emails?

A stupid woman actually fell for it, giving them $400,000.

posted on Nov 5 2008

O-bam-a! O-bam-a! O—my gosh, U.S. stocks post biggest post-election drop in history.

posted on Sep 20 2008

We talk about politics a good bit around the blog… but how many of us have actually put our money where your mouth is. Or, in Obama’s case: put your money where your teleprompter is.