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Interesting notes from Spotify’s Q1 2020 earnings call
posted on Apr 30 2020

I was really interested to see Spotify’s Q1 2020 earnings in a world of stay-at-home and work-from-home. Some items and metrics that stood out…

  • Searches for “chill” and “instrumental” playlists were up, as 20% of consumers reported listening to more music than usual to manage their stress.
  • Decline in usage of car and wearable (because ain’t nobody commuting at the moment)
  • 31% in both MAU and subscriptions YoY
  • 286M monthly active users (up from 271M in Q4 2019)
  • 130M subscribers
  • This is wild: More than 70% of new podcasts on Spotify were created with Anchor. Spotify acquired Anchor in Feb 2019 for ~$150M.
  • 1 out of 5 users “engaged” with a podcast… which I feel is an incredibly vague way of saying “some people probably maybe accidentally clicked on a podcast or two but we don’t really have a ‘whoops’ metric yet do this is the best marketing term we could use.”

  • I was on Blake and Rick’s radio show
    posted on Sep 24 2013

    It was fun. Those guys are neat. The better guest starts around the 50 minute mark when Jill breaks the fourth wall and tells us how bands are booked.

    Ham Radio 09-22-2013 with guest Landon Howell and Jill Wheeler by Substrate Radio on Mixcloud

    It’s going to take one heck of an album to bump this one from my 2012 favorite
    posted on Jun 25 2012

    Ernest Greene of Washed Out fame is better at an iPad than you are
    posted on May 3 2012

    Birmingham’s Bottletree
    posted on Feb 29 2012

    An insaely awesome story via The Atlantic this week about Birmingham’ s beloved

    The Bottletree’s commitment to hospitality and Birmingham also helps build the city’s emerging brand. “Every venue is a major ambassador for their given city,” Teasley says. “Often all a band knows is the eight hours they spend in your club… This is something that has never been lost on us.”

    Birmingham was once a city to skip on tour; now, it is a must-visit destination.

    Justin Vernon and Sean Carey are the best music you will hear this week
    posted on Feb 20 2012

    The third track I Can’t Make You Love Me is a little weaker than it should be, but you’ll enjoy nonetheless.

    Tracks featured:

      1. Hinnom, TX
      2. Wash.
      3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
      4. Babys
      5. Beth/Rest

    Pumped Up Kicks. Dubstep. Dancing. This YouTube video beckons you.
    posted on Feb 13 2012

    The movie at the 4 min 13 sec mark caused me to question my knowledge of gravity.

    A Remix of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” Made Using Film Clips
    posted on Jan 17 2012

    Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

    Great trailer for what’s certain to be a great movie. LCD Soundsystem’s ‘SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS’
    posted on Jan 12 2012

    Wish List: Microphone touch audio interface thingy
    posted on Jan 3 2012