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Some Podcasts I Really Like
posted on Jun 15 2014

My favorite podcasts at the moment, so maybe you’ll like ‘em too. I currently use Instacast, though I’m waiting with bated breath for Marco Arment’s Overcast.

99% Invisible
Because quality short stories are welcome any day of the week.

My Brother My Brother & Me
Because family, comedy, and bad advice are the founding principles of Amercia.

Let’s Make Mistakes
Because critical thinking is important even to non-designers.

The Talk Show
Because technology is Apple, and Apple is technology.

Star Talk Radio
Because the universe is big and scary and fun.

The Solid Verbal
Because college football.

StatCorner Podcast
Because in the world of quality Mariners podcasts there is only one.

Great interview with David Letterman
posted on Jun 24 2012

Until I heard Alec Baldwin’s interview with David Letterman (which, by the way, Here’s The Thing should be the one podcast you subscribe to this week) I didn’t really think about the fact that I can’t remember ever hearing David Letterman be interviewed. I think I’ve (sadly) associated in my brain David Letterman interviewing for David Letterman having been interviewed.

Here’s The Thing: David Letterman

Sorry… No Podcast Today
posted on Nov 30 2006

I’m in Colorado and my microphone to do the podcast is in Seattle, so there will be no podcast on ‘Podcast Thursday’.

I know this totally ruins your day… the sun will not shine as bright… food will lose its taste… spontaneous outbursts of rage will take place… and it’s all my fault.

I’ll try to do one over the weekend. If you like… you can actually make suggestions as to what I should blab about. Hey… that’s not a bad idea. So, make suggestions below as to what I should ramble about. The winner will have their name mentioned on the podcast and receive a coupon for a free back rub from yours truly… unless you’re a dude… then I’ll give you a high five.

Podcasts Now Available on iTunes
posted on Oct 27 2006

Landon Howell podcastI’m happy to announce that Apple has admitted my podcasts into its iTunes database. You can subscribe to the podcast here. Also, feel free to add a heartfelt review of the podcast.

The podcasts are obviously free… just so we’re clear.

However, should you feel the need to slip a $20 in my g-string at Christmastime when I bend over to to pick up your present from under the tree, I won’t complain.

Podcasts can still be downloaded for free from Odeo, as well. Also head to my Odeo profile to listen to any podcast at any time. Except for the fact that there’s only one right now… sorry.


Starting A Podcast
posted on Aug 22 2006

Within the next two weeks I will be beginning a short 3 mintue podcast that will be released once per week. It will available on Odeo and iTunes for free. You will also be able to listen to it straight from the blog without having to download a thing.

Aren’t I considerate?

This is just something fun to add another dimension to the blog. Plus it gives mom and pop a way to hear their sons accent slowly lose some of its Southern twang as he adjusts to life in the PacNo.

Alright. ‘Tis all.

Podcast Thursday
posted on Jan 26 2006

Not a bad response to a so-so podcast. Just to put everything on a schedule, podcasts will be released on Thursday from here on out.

Also note that the podcast is on the sidebar on the right hand of the page, just in the case that you missed it. Or if you want to listen to it over and over and over again.

The First Podcast
posted on Jan 25 2006

It’s been a long time coming, but the first ever podcast is finally here. However, please bear in mind: this is the first podcast – it’s not that great.

To listen to the podcast, simply click the play button on the odeo player below.

Some things to note:

  • I breathe very heavy at times. Very heavy.
  • I ramble… much like I do in real life.
  • I talk without taking a breath the entire time… ok, that was a lie.
  • Podcast info:

      Title: The First Podcast
      Length: 10 minutes 22 seconds
      Music: Chocolate by Snow Patrol

    You can download it here, it should be available for free on iTunes within the coming days.

    Podcast: The 4th Item
    posted on Jan 9 2006

    In today’s podcast I discuss one of my weird quirks in life that I guarantee you’ll end up adopting… it makes you think.

    Actually, it makes you think that I’m an idiot, but you’ll adopt the quirk anyway.

    Podcast info:

      Title: The 4th Item
      Length: 12 minutes 23 seconds
      Music: Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Download the podcast here, or subscribe to the feed at iTunes.

    We'll Start Back Next Week
    posted on Jan 7 2006

    So this has been one craaazzy week. So I’l have to delay the next podcast once more… so sorry. Last week I was on the road, and this week it’s been nuts.

    Awwww – Landon Feels Loved
    posted on Jan 2 2006

    You can now easily locate the podcast in iTunes by simply typing ‘landon howell’ into the search space. And how special did I feel today when I found that someone had written a positive review about the podcast? Very special.

    If I knew who you were, I’d give you a cyber-hug right now.

    Ew. That sounded gross.

    Seriously though, thanks for the props. If any of you other kids feel like spreading the love, just click here to write a review.