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Great Product Ideas
posted on Sep 12 2020

Love this list from Lenny Rachitsky of Where Great Product Roadmap Ideas Come From. Two that stood out…

  • “Talking to employees who talk to customers (e.g. sales, customer support, marketing)” because Customer Support is the voice of the company to the user, and the voice of the user to the company, yet teammates usually associate CS with ‘user problems’ instead of ‘user solutions.’
  • “Looking at adjacent markets” because there is so much to borrow from a different world.
  • Lenny also notes where great ideas rarely come from. My favorite: “Copying what your competition is doing — don’t assume they actually know what they are doing”

    Super Nice!
    posted on Jun 9 2020

    Love this portion of the Blendle onboarding…

  • Gently informs the user that the service costs money, doing so by way of free $ credit
  • Instead of a “free trail” for a certain amount of time or a certain number of articles, the $ credit added to my a user account teaches the user what the true product experience feels like as the credit amount counts down as I read articles
  • The CTA is “Super Nice”… which is the first time I’ve ever seen such a phrase in a button, but is also a fun way to get the user to say ‘thank you’ without being overly self-congratulatory of Blendle

  • Feature requests
    posted on May 29 2020

    Love this product advice from Ryan Singer at Basecamp

    Next time somebody comes to you with a feature request, try this: ‘Can you tell me a story about a time that you wanted to do that and what you had to do instead?’ The first part of the question gives you proper context. The second lets you evaluate the loss.