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The Covid-19 Spend Index
posted on Apr 28 2020

Interesting data from Cardify on US credit spend in the wake of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Spend Index

Any of you mobile app developers and designers are gonna love this
posted on Oct 2 2011

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Web Browser stencils. The coolest geeky thing you’ll buy this week.

Tweeting From Walmart
posted on Sep 13 2010

Of all my favorite events from the wedding weekend, tweeting from Walmart was by far my favorite.

Here’s the story: I was in Olive Branch, MS. I got bored. I went to Walmart. I tweeted, with pictures some of the items I found. Glory.

You can view the session by searching the term #TweetingFromWalmart. It was an abbreviated session due to the dying iPhone battery that mine and every iPhone possesses.

My favorite item – Budweiser and Bud Light pajama bottoms – is above. Don Draper could sell these products with the tag line: “Budweiser pajamas… have on you, what’s in you.”

Abandoning the iPad
posted on Aug 10 2010

Wow. A writer for Gizmodo (along with many of those at Gizmodo’s staff) have lost the desire to use their iPads.

Three months ago I couldn’t imagine a life without my iPad’s big beautiful screen. Today, I am living that life. having ditched my iPad for the iPhone 4, almost completely. What the sh*t.

…and right at the time where I was thinking of getting an iPad. Though I must say, I simply want a larger iPhone. Chelsea and I catch ourselves dropping the laptops, and picking up our iPhones most nights. It’s easy to hold, use, scroll though, and type on. The iPad? I’ve played with it many times… not so easy to type on. Which takes me back to the need for a, oh, say… 7-inch model?

Recently at Uncrate
posted on Jul 22 2010

A few things of want from a fantastic site of sometimes unnecessary and sometimes overpriced goods.

  • Flipboard (Flipboard is free. The iPad is not free.)
  • Adidas Net 80 Table Tennis Shoe
  • Ebbets Field Flannel Baseball Jerseys
  • IF Mode Bicycle
  • Tuch Leather Sleeves
  • Viking C4 Outdoor Cooker
  • Produzione Privata Acquatinta Pendant Lamp
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X

  • Recently at Uncrate
    posted on Apr 2 2010

    It has been a while since I’ve linked to my favorite things from one of my favorite sites.

  • Fight Club Soap
  • Brewzer Pocket Tool
  • Kenton Sorenson Laptop Portfolio
  • Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit
  • Timberland Boot Company Counterpane Oxford
  • Gant Rugger Hugger Madras Shirt

  • E-Reader obsession
    posted on Jan 6 2010

    With Instapaper full-force in its support of e-readers, sitting around reading my saved articles on a glaring computer screen isn’t something I want to spend my nights doing anymore.

    I want one. Now.

    I left work early on Thursday (but who didn’t leave work early Thursday) in order to swing by BestBuy and Barnes & Noble to play with the Sony E-Reader and the Nook. The Nook feels incredible, but it didn’t get too high of a praise in the gadget world.

    I read a lot of web articles, magazines, and PDFs (trade journals and older published works). Books? Not so much.

    This is my new dream, unless the Apple unicorn tablet turns out to be for mobile computing what iPhone was for mobile technology.

    Any of you who currently own (or are thinking about owning) one, comment below or shoot me an email with .

    This Is A Shoe
    posted on Sep 23 2009

    Very cool.

    TOM’S Dress(ier) shoes
    posted on Sep 21 2009

    A new alternative from TOM’S that doesn’t look like you made them yourself.

    posted on Jul 27 2009

    Having browsed through it many times in time-killing jaunts to Barnes & Noble, this is officially a new favorite magazine.