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Product believer
posted on Aug 24 2020

Absolutely love this page in the signup process for Roam.

  • No free option, so you only acquire the serious
  • A ‘Believer’ option, so you’re not just getting customers, you’re getting a money and elevated advocate in a single click
  • I just started giving it a test drive today. Super interesting note tool that focused on bidirectional links. Put data into “blocks,” these blocks are interconnected, which you can then use to build larger pages or pull data together via a query.

    Feature requests
    posted on May 29 2020

    Love this product advice from Ryan Singer at Basecamp

    Next time somebody comes to you with a feature request, try this: ‘Can you tell me a story about a time that you wanted to do that and what you had to do instead?’ The first part of the question gives you proper context. The second lets you evaluate the loss.

    Sales during a pandemic
    posted on May 21 2020

    The salespeople who will win during lockdown/quarantine are those with the most empathy.

    Your prospective customers are stuck at home, working from home (most for the first time), many with children (who need quality time and attention), and all concerned with simply trying to stay caught-up in their responsibilities.

    They are attempting to balance personal and professional responsibilities and stress during a pandemic and record unemployment.

    “Circling back” to “see if you received my last email” isn’t empathy. Take an other-centered approach and throw out most of your old playbook and process.

    There will be no “Silicon Valley exodus”
    posted on May 18 2020

    I originally shared the following on LinkedIn.

    – – –

    “Silicon Valley faces tech exodus.”

    No it doesn’t.

    San Francisco and Silicon Valley will continue to be the global startup and tech hub. It’s where the medium and large tech orgs are based, it’s where the VCs are anchored (or have a satellite office), and it has a massive pool of talent to fill all roles of a company of any stage.

    I’ve not even touched on the amazing weather, food, views, events, and the mix of cultures.

    The Bay Area is amazing. For every person wanting to move out, dozens are wanting to move in.

    The cost of living is high, but so are the salaries, the benefits/perks, the work experience, and the likelihood that you can not only find a tech company you love (and when you want to change tech jobs your options are seemingly endless), but a job that you love which *also* has a high likelihood of success (e.g. IPO).

    Also, this isn’t a zero sum game. The Valley/SF can be incredibly important *while* other cities also exponentially increase in their importance.

    We’ve already seen this happen in Boston, Seattle, Austin, and New York City.

    I’m typing this from Atlanta, an incredible tech hub that I moved to after leaving SF a year ago.

    The Nag Metric
    posted on May 4 2020

    I love the new metric proposed by Julie Zhuo: The Nag Metric

    Also, if you are on a Marketing/Growth team or Product team I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter The Looking Glass.

    TikTok hits 2 billion downloads, has best quarter for any app ever
    posted on May 1 2020

    “In Q1 2020, [TikTok] generated the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter, accumulating more than 315 million installs across the App Store and Google Play.”

    TikTok’s growth over the past couple of years has been fun to watch, but Q1 2020 growth was insane. The app surpassed 2B downloads. It crossed 1.5B in the fall of 2019.

    My tween niece formally introduced me to TikTok during the 2018 holidays. I was familiar with the TikTok in its previous form, Musically, but from my own experiences I simply found musically is that it was a place where tweens and teens would lip sync and dance… which wasn’t of interest to me, 30something father of two.

    Fast-forward to May 2020 and TikTok’s audience has gone the way of Facebook and Instagram: the adults joined in on the fun.

    [To note: “Downloads” does not a user make, but being an avid consumer (but not creator) myself I can tell you that at least anecdotally these growth numbers feels very real.]

    The Top 3 countries driving growth…

    #1 India
    • 611M lifetime installs
    • 30.3% of all TikTok accounts

    #2 China
    • 196M lifetime installs
    • 9.7% of all TikTok accounts
    • Numbers do not include third-party Android store installs

    #3 United States
    • 165M lifetime installs
    • 8.2% of all TikTok accounts

    The Burn Multiple
    posted on Apr 28 2020

    Great article and a unique perspective as to how startups should think about burn, runway, and growth in the challenging months ahead.

    The Burn Multiple

    In a tough fundraising environment, it won’t just be growth but the efficiency of growth that are seen as the key indicators of startup performance. Tracking the Burn Multiple is an easy way for founders to make sure that burn isn’t getting ahead of traction. Over time, it also reveals important information about whether incremental spend is working.

    The video pitch for Doulingo is perfect in every way
    posted on May 22 2012

    Perfectly explains the product, its goal, how it works, and why it matters to you and the world. Also, it’s simple and beautiful. Yeah, I said beautiful.