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SMBs and Covid-19 Impact
posted on May 19 2020

Facebook surveyed 86,000 people who own or work at SMBs on the effect of Covid-19 on their operations.

31% of SMBs have stopped operating in the last three months

52% of personal businesses have shut down

36% of SMBs reported conducting all of their business online (which is something Shopify and others have seen)

74% of surveyed employees said they did not have paid sick leave, but that number jumps to 93% for hotel, cafe, and restaurant industries

45% of owners/managers at small businesses said they’ll rehire the same staff when they reopen (yikes)

11% of operating businesses predict they’ll fail in the next three months given current conditions (this seems unreasonably optimistic)

Almost 3 of 4 Americans say the economy is reopening too fast
posted on May 8 2020

71% of Americans are worried that coronavirus restrictions are being lifted too quickly

29% said that restrictions aren’t being lifted quickly enough

14% said they think it is safe to end stay-at-home orders

9% of those surveyed said they think “it is safe now” for schools and universities to reopen

Source: The Hill

The Nag Metric
posted on May 4 2020

I love the new metric proposed by Julie Zhuo: The Nag Metric

Also, if you are on a Marketing/Growth team or Product team I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter The Looking Glass.

The Covid-19 Spend Index
posted on Apr 28 2020

Interesting data from Cardify on US credit spend in the wake of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Spend Index

Coronavirus Consumer Sentiment
posted on Apr 15 2020

McKinsey released survey results for US consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis. Numbers are from surveys conducted from March 30-April 5. Here are some highlights…

  • 92% of people believe it will take 2+ months to return back to normal, which is up 3% from the week prior.
  • 37% expect the economy to rebound within 2–3 months. Those making $100K+ per year are the most optimistic.
  • 46% say they will reduce their spending over the next two weeks, and 44% are delaying purchases given the uncertainty of the economic outlook.
  • Consumers are starting to adopt new behaviors, such as shopping new websites for basics (15%), changing primary grocery stores (13%), adopting curbside restaurant and store pickup (10% and 8%), and trying video conferences for professional and personal reasons for the first time (9% and 8%).
  • Source: US consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

    Yep, so, I didn’t know most of this about the British Isles.
    posted on Nov 8 2011

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