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The cartoon conglomerate. Find your favorite.
posted on Nov 8 2011

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Video: ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ in full, for free
posted on Oct 28 2011

The Great Pumpkin comes on tonight y’all
posted on Oct 27 2011

ABC 8/7C.

CBS Storybook
posted on Oct 4 2011

I really miss cheesy stuff like this on TV
posted on Oct 4 2011

Teen Wolf (the cartoon, y’alls)
posted on Oct 3 2011

Two childhood throwbacks I stumbled upon last week
posted on Sep 26 2011

Tha last 7 minutes of Friday Night Lights
posted on Aug 20 2011

It’s been over for some time now, especially when you consider that it was on DVD after airing on DirecTV, before completing its run on NBC, but the wife and I only finished it last night. We didn’t want it to end and prolonging our DVR viewing was the only way to cope.

Not going to ramble about insights or angles on this final montage, but in my opinion the last 7 minutes of the show were its finest and fully embodied the constant overtones of the show… a show I consider one of the finest ever produced.

“What is Seattle?”
posted on Jun 20 2011

AMC’s ‘The Killing’ is excellent. Excellent.
posted on Apr 5 2011

And not just for the fact that it is set in Seattle. Nor for the gratuitous skyline and scenery flyovers.

It’s an excellent show, and we’re only two hours into it. Watch the two-hour first episode here for free.

(Also, it’s filmed in Vancouver.)