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The Nag Metric
posted on May 4 2020

I love the new metric proposed by Julie Zhuo: The Nag Metric

Also, if you are on a Marketing/Growth team or Product team I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter The Looking Glass.

Recently on @Quora
posted on Jul 26 2011

Quora’s like Yahoo! Answers, only it’s not. It’s the next big thing. It’s addictive.

  • Which startups have the best office space?
  • What are the top 5 India Pale Ales?
  • What’s the new PBR?
  • Is Mahalo dead?
  • What are the greatest matches in Sounders FC history?
  • What technology-related events are held in Birmingham, Alabama?
  • Which Quora users live in the Jackson, Mississippi area?

  • A morning of dot-com bliss
    posted on Apr 4 2011

    Daxko was a partner at the CalSAE conference in Monterey, California. Nick (Daxko Connect’s product expert) and I spent Saturday morning driving around Silicon Valley on the hunt for some of our favorite dot-coms, Facebook and Google being the main interest.

    Sweet Moses, it was perfect.

    I’ve driven through Mountain View, Cupertino, Palo Alto, before, but that was long before the web fully took shape.

    First, much looks just like any other town you’ve visited. Strip malls and office parks, all of which are unassuming until you see ‘Loopt’ or ‘LinkedIn’ on the side of the building.

    Second, you drive past Facebook and never know you passed anything special. We did. Twice.

    Third, you cannot drive past Google without knowing you passed anything special. There are signs of the Googleplex long before you reach the main building. ‘Google St’ for example is a not so subtle sign.

    The original Facebook entry page…
    posted on Mar 29 2011

    You would only truly recognize it if you were attending classes at Harvard in 2004.

    I hate it when my wife wins. Ok, maybe not “hate”… but, you know.
    posted on Feb 1 2011

    I love Beta invites for new services.

    Call it a craving to learn the “next”.
    Call it a craving to be the first.
    Call it an undying love of technology.

    Call it anything, but don’t call me a laggard.

    After scoring a Beta invite for about.me, my wife launched her page a few days later. I had time to prep, test, prepare my page to spew nothing but pure awesome. Now, Chelsea’s page has not only racked up thousands of hits, it’s on the “Spotlight” section.

    My page is the Friendster to her Facebook.

    I’m ticked. Jealous, and ticked.

    posted on Dec 31 2010

    It’s simple, interesting, relevant, and developed by a teenager who is smarter at 17 than any of us could ever hope to be.

    Check it out.

    Sketchy Santas
    posted on Dec 8 2010

    Quite possibly one of the best Christmas websites around.

    Sign up for About.Me to centralize yourself on the web
    posted on Nov 30 2010

    Wish you had your own hub for all-things-you but can’t or don’t wish to start your own website? Sign up for About.me. It’s still in ‘invitation only’ mode at the moment, but if you ask nice via Twitter, you’ll receive an early invite.

    I completed my page last week. It’s easy, insanely simple and plain, which will keep this from being some sort of mini MySpace.

    Daily Mountain Eagle launches new website. Prepare to have your mind blown.
    posted on Jun 17 2010

    The title implies I’m making fun of my hometown website – and i kinda am – though I’m actually quite impressed. The site is more well organized than it’s former, bland counterparts [1998, 2000) though I wouldn’t go so far as to call the appearance “clean” like the NYTimes.

    The ability to ‘thumbs up’ articles is nice… but for some authors (I’m talking about you, Ben Hamilton) a ‘thumbs down’ could come in quite useful. Comments under the articles? Yes, please. You’re begging for post-game online commentary battles between rival schools.

    The kicker: social network-integrated. Yes, you can create your own DME profile. I did.

    posted on May 3 2010

    Nice to see more of you have joined. Yes, I’m on it. Yes, it’s still a little odd to me, but so was Twitter and now I’m addicted to Twitter.

    Join. Link it to your Twitter. Be careful that you don’t over share… it’s annoying, I’ve done it, accidentally won a badge for it.