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OMG Popoids
posted on Apr 20 2010

Chelsea sent me this site earlier and I can’t stop clicking.

The advertisement on the DME website is beginning to freak me out
posted on Apr 8 2010


The ad in the upper right hand corner has been freaking me out for a while. I a back-n-forth email session with some friends yesterday, someone else voiced their concern as well.

Her eye makeup is way too dark, and her hair way too light.

The weird thing: it doesn’t link to anything.

posted on Apr 6 2010

Thanks to all who participated in Tuesday’s Twitter extravaganza involving the hash tag: #jasperrumors (Jasper Rumors).

To follow past and future discussions – or to participate – simply search #jasperrumors on Twitter.

Delivering Happiness
posted on Apr 5 2010

Received my advance copy of Delivering Happiness. The book is authored by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, one of the most successful dot-coms of the last decade.

The book is set for release on June 7. I’ll be peeling through it over the next few days. Hope to have a review up in the next couple of weeks.

Recently at Uncrate
posted on Apr 2 2010

It has been a while since I’ve linked to my favorite things from one of my favorite sites.

  • Fight Club Soap
  • Brewzer Pocket Tool
  • Kenton Sorenson Laptop Portfolio
  • Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit
  • Timberland Boot Company Counterpane Oxford
  • Gant Rugger Hugger Madras Shirt

  • A website that you women will love
    posted on Feb 24 2010

    I love blogs. Good blogs. When I find good blogs, I love to learn from them and share them.

    FlyThroughOurWindow.com is a website run by a Southern mother who seems to spend her days making pastries with her three unbelievably adorable children.

    4th Place
    posted on Feb 15 2010

    Just an FYI, Yahoo Sports Fourth Place Medal is a fantastic blog to follow throughout the Vancouver Olympics.

    Computer backup
    posted on Feb 15 2010

    Mentioned this before, but important things need reminding. After my computer was stolen a couple of years ago, I began saving my files with Carbonite.

    Carbonite automatically updates your computer files, no matter how you’ve changed them since your last automatic backup. If your computer hard drive ever fries, is lost, or is stolen, all your files are saved at Carbonite. Click one button and it puts everything back in place as if nothing ever happened.

    [NOTE: Carbonite didn’t pay me to pimp their product. I just love it that much.]

    posted on Jan 26 2010

    Lord knows I love attention. So needless to say I freaked out when I saw that Robby Followell updated his website and we had 2 photos (one of us, one of our rings) from our wedding, I was happy.

    Robby’s photos in general have made such a splash around the interwebs that some friends of ours in Seattle are talking to him about their wedding in Spring 2011.

    posted on Dec 10 2009

    The title says it all: SketchySantas.com

    [credit: Joey Sparks]