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I finally pulled the trigger on my e-reader
Mar 30, 2010

Say hi to my new friend.

After a long search, I’ve selected what was my original crush: the Kindle DX.

Why? I read articles, blog posts, and PDFs. Lots of them. The Kindle is the premier device that is tried and tested by the gadget and publishing industries’ harshest critics. The DX has a larger screen and can handle the different maps, graphs, tables and Web pages in no-frills fashion. Through the use of the glorious Instapaper, I can save articles during the day and read them from the comfort of my Kindle in the evening.

But.. but.. but the iPad!
The iPad is overrated. I addressed my concerns the day it was released. Plus, I want a reading device. One that I can charge once every few weeks, take on trips, and hold comfortably in bed. I don’t need a catch-all device.

In the future (the not so far future) I foresee Apple working out the kinks in the iPad, producing a more attractive package in a second generation iPad or iMacSlate or iWhatever. When that happens, the $500+ price tag will be much more attractive. For now, the iPad ain’t killing the Kindle.

In addition, I work at dot-com… I stare at my computer 9+ hours a day at work alone, not to mention the time I spend working and playing on my computer when I get home. The thought of another LED back-lit screen makes my eyeballs itch.

The Kindle may turnout to be a piece of crap device that I see no value in and rarely use. Or, the Kindle may save my eyeballs and keep me off the computer. (That would make me happy.)

No matter the case, I’ll keep you updated as time progresses.

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