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If You’re Going To San Francisco
May 24, 2007

Well, I’m outta here for few days. We’ll be spending Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco and the wine country of Sonoma/Nappa Valley. I’ve been to both places once before, but those of you who’ve visited know that it requires a couple of trips to soak everything in.

I leave first thing tomorrow morning and I’ll get back late Tuesday night, so you’re left to entertain yourselves over the next 5 days. I’ll try to post a couple things along the way… though this is vacation, so I’ll try to stay away from the laptop as much as possible. I’ll also be taking pictures… we’ll see what develops (ba da bum!).

To prepare ourselves for this, here’s a link to the intro to Full House. Danny Tanner was the man.

Have a fun, safe weekend, everybody.

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  1. McKenzie G said:

    we’ll be crossing paths. i’ll in san fran for a conference next week but i wont get there til tuesday. have fun!!! maybe we’ll run into each other in the airport.