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Public Transportation Ridership in the Age of Coronavirus
Apr 23, 2020

<p><a href=Moovit Public Transit Index is analyzing the impact of Coronavirus on public transportation ridership, relative to the typical usage before the outbreak began.

I was surprised by the top three, but I assume that NYC/New Jersey is seeing a smaller drop — though still a massive drop — due to the inherent dependency on public transportation compared to other markets.

• San Francisco/San Jose: -80.7%
• Seattle/Tacoma: -79.2%
• Boston: -77.5%
• NYC, New York/New Jersey: -75%
• Miami: 74.4%
• D.C./Baltimore: -71.8%
• Chicago: -70.9%
• Los Angeles: -68.9%
• Philadelphia: -58.9%
• Others: -68.7%

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