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There will be no “Silicon Valley exodus”
May 18, 2020

I originally shared the following on LinkedIn.

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“Silicon Valley faces tech exodus.”

No it doesn’t.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley will continue to be the global startup and tech hub. It’s where the medium and large tech orgs are based, it’s where the VCs are anchored (or have a satellite office), and it has a massive pool of talent to fill all roles of a company of any stage.

I’ve not even touched on the amazing weather, food, views, events, and the mix of cultures.

The Bay Area is amazing. For every person wanting to move out, dozens are wanting to move in.

The cost of living is high, but so are the salaries, the benefits/perks, the work experience, and the likelihood that you can not only find a tech company you love (and when you want to change tech jobs your options are seemingly endless), but a job that you love which *also* has a high likelihood of success (e.g. IPO).

Also, this isn’t a zero sum game. The Valley/SF can be incredibly important *while* other cities also exponentially increase in their importance.

We’ve already seen this happen in Boston, Seattle, Austin, and New York City.

I’m typing this from Atlanta, an incredible tech hub that I moved to after leaving SF a year ago.

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