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TikTok hits 2 billion downloads, has best quarter for any app ever
May 1, 2020

“In Q1 2020, [TikTok] generated the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter, accumulating more than 315 million installs across the App Store and Google Play.”

TikTok’s growth over the past couple of years has been fun to watch, but Q1 2020 growth was insane. The app surpassed 2B downloads. It crossed 1.5B in the fall of 2019.

My tween niece formally introduced me to TikTok during the 2018 holidays. I was familiar with the TikTok in its previous form, Musically, but from my own experiences I simply found musically is that it was a place where tweens and teens would lip sync and dance… which wasn’t of interest to me, 30something father of two.

Fast-forward to May 2020 and TikTok’s audience has gone the way of Facebook and Instagram: the adults joined in on the fun.

[To note: “Downloads” does not a user make, but being an avid consumer (but not creator) myself I can tell you that at least anecdotally these growth numbers feels very real.]

The Top 3 countries driving growth…

#1 India
• 611M lifetime installs
• 30.3% of all TikTok accounts

#2 China
• 196M lifetime installs
• 9.7% of all TikTok accounts
• Numbers do not include third-party Android store installs

#3 United States
• 165M lifetime installs
• 8.2% of all TikTok accounts

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