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Up Close & Personal
Jun 4, 2007

sluggerI love going to a baseball game. The food, the crowd, the drinks, the smell, the atmosphere of a great stadium… it can’t be beat. While Boston’s Fenway Park is near impossible to beat, AT&T Park in San Francisco is definitely a premier ballpark.

Set at the edge of the bay, the right field wall actually borders the the water. It does get chilly, but nobody seems to mind.

With Barry Bonds chasing the home run record, I knew close seats were a must. I snagged some seats on the third base side… a good 15 feet from Bonds as he entered and exited the dugout.

I snagged this shot as Bonds was headed to left field to start the inning. Don’t ask me how I scored these seats. All I know is it’s going to be tough to enjoy the cheap seats after this one.

[The bigger version is better]

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  1. parker said:

    forget cheating…the back of his jersey should say JERK…of course steroids don’t help with EVERY aspect of hitting and bonds might well be the best hitter of all time whether or not he’s on steroids…moreover, we can’t ignore the fact that we’ll never count all the mlb players that take performance enhancing drugs…i just hate to see bonds, the biggest jerk of all time, taking the record from one of the classiest men to ever play the game (read “i had a hammer” if you haven’t)…he may not be taking steroids now, but bonds is still an ass