This video by WBRC of Alabama in the 80s is amazing: “Tell ‘Em Alabama Is Great”
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I was on Blake and Rick’s radio show
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It was fun. Those guys are neat. The better guest starts around the 50 minute mark when Jill breaks the fourth wall and tells us how bands are booked.

Ham Radio 09-22-2013 with guest Landon Howell and Jill Wheeler by Substrate Radio on Mixcloud

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AOL Commercial
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Fancred Is Live
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After months of building, it’s here. Download it now.

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Southwest Airlines… ‘Just Plane Fun’
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This Stumptown Coffee video is a perfect example of how they turned people like me into coffee drinkers
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Trailers of my favorite Christmas movies
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A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Story

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Some Old Christmas Commercials
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These are actual quotes from Ellis Johnson on the day he was hired at Southern Miss
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“As I take over this program, I’m looking for something that’s never been done before,” [...] “Frankly, there’s very little left. It’s intimidating, but it’s also challenging.”

“Southern Miss is special, from the time I worked here, it has held a special place in my heart. It’s a place where I am convinced you can always be successful.”

“I want to take Southern Miss to a BCS bowl game and win it.”

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The holidays, y’all.
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Old School Halloween Commercials
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Got into a nostalgic mood last evening and ventured into YouTube to see what 80s/90s videos I could find.




Toys R Us


Micro Machines

Honey Nut Cheerios

Freddy Krueger Hotline

Monster Marshmallows

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This is an actual quote from Ellis Johnson’s Monday presser
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“If we ever win a ball game, that first win, these are going to be difficult kids to handle – we’re going to have to get their focus back.”


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Say hello to Mittix
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Hey gang. For the last 18+ months my team and I at Doozer have been building a new Software-as-a-Service product that I named Mittix.

You can get a free account and take it for a test drive. I appreciate any feedback you have.

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My favorite Southern Miss quote
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Woo-boy. Saturday was not fun. This moment was fun. This moment was also fun. As was this one… but that’s about it.

Tuesday morning our athletic director posted to Facebook my favorite quote about Southern Miss. It’s from Mickey Spagnola’s Clarion Ledger article on the Sunday morning after the upset win over Alabama in 1982. The win ended Bear Bryan’t 57-game home sinning streak, and it was Bear Bryant’s final game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

“If you are going to war and if you get to pick first, choose Southern Mississippi. Always choose Southern Mississippi. No matter how hard you fight, these folks will fight harder.”

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Great article on Seattle’s role in soccer
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E Pluribus Sounders (Part 1): Immigrant & NASL Roots

“The history they speak of cannot be created by a league, but is instead created by the collective experience of supporters who are committed to and maintain the concept of a soccer club. The Sounders may not be the best team in the United States and have had a history filled with various starts and stops, but they’re certainly the most loved because of what they represent: the professional culmination of a sixty year love affair Seattle has had with soccer.”

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Slate makes the statement about Chick-fil-A that every defector knew, but had chosen simply to look past in lieu of delicious chicken
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Leave Chick-fil-A Aloooooone

The Chick-fil-A controversy has been confounding from the outset. Who eats at that chain and doesn’t know about its founder Truett Cathy’s conservatism? Has nobody walked there on a Sunday and seen the message from Cathy, explaining that the restaurant is closed because the company honors the Sabbath? Did nobody notice how Cathy got an honorary degree from Liberty University the same day that Mitt Romney did?

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Just found my dream desk, you guys
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The Focal Lotus Workstation, y’all.

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Video of Jerry Seinfeld’s HBO Debut in 1981
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Tim Kreider at The New York Times nails being “busy”
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Two quotes the author highlights act as an executive summary of a solid article:

“It’s not as if any of us wants to live like this; it’s something we collectively force one another to do.”

“Our frantic days are really just a hedge against emptiness.”

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Try on clothes on your phone
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The New York Times’ Bits Blog discussing the mobile phone success of Gilt Groupe, a personal favorite of your truly.

The new version of the Gilt app will also include the option to try on apparel, he said. An iPhone user could take a picture of himself and upload it through the app. The software will digitally edit the photo so it appears as though the item is on his body. This could be useful to see if, for example, a pair of glasses is suitable for your face.

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